Widemouth Bay

North Cornwall Surfing at Widemouth Bay
July 1999:

Widemouth bay is one of the better breaks on the north coast of Cornwall, but suffers from over-popularity. When the waves are in short supply you can see 4 or 5 people trying to get on the same wave. This community-oriented approach to surfing when the chips are down is nice to see. However there may be an argument for going elsewhere.

At low tide the is a wide area on which to hunt for waves and the problem is less.

Nearby breaks

Crackington Haven
Summerleaze, Bude
Crooklets, Bude
Buck's Mills
Westward Ho!

Widemouth Bay Accommodation

The Bay View Inn - "Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean"
Surfer friendly accomodation
Food, Sharp's Beers (e.g., Doom Bar)
B&B 14-20
Landlords: Mac, Jan, Dave, Jill
Tel: 01288-361273
Widemouth Bay, Bude
North Cornwall
EX23 0AW

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