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Quicklinks to Current and Future Swell conditions:
Last actual Wave Heights (NOAA)

Extrapolation/Estimate by 12 hours (NOAA)
Extrapolation/Estimate by 24 hours (NOAA)
Extrapolation/Estimate by 36 hours (NOAA)
Extrapolation/Estimate by 48 hours (NOAA)

Forecast Pressure 3 Days ahead
Forecast Pressure 4 Days Ahead
Forecast Pressure 5 Days Ahead
Forecast Pressure 6 Days Ahead

For a full analysis of swell forecasting there are a number of meteorologists and oceanographers who maintain web-pages.
You can start with this one...
Full range of swell analysis

Link to Jonathan's Home Page

BBC Weather Pages

British Isles Weather Information

Water Temperature
Water around the UK is warmest in the late summer and autumn and coldest in Spring. This is due to drifting warm waters that cross the Atlantic ocean from the Carribean, which take 2 months to cross the ocean from west to east. Water temperature on the west coast of Cornwall peaks at 18 degrees centigrade (64 Fahrenheit) early September. By October it has dropped to 16 centigrade (60 Fahrenheit).

Atlantic Hurricanes
In September and October hurricanes in the Western Atlantic and Carribean lash the coasts of the USA and Carribean countries. While bad news for the locals of the area, this is good news for surfers in the UK as the storms can cross into the mid-Atlantic. There they generate large amounts of swell which can provide huge waves (Over 20') by the British Isles.

CLICK HERE to see a map of all UK Buoys

From this page you can access the current conditions from all the bouys from around the UK. Thanks to the USA National Weather Service! They'll also give you information of the Atlantic hurricanes during hurricane season.

Home-made Surf Forecasters

Some forecasters charge for the information. Several dedicated individuals around the UK do it for the love of it. If you don't want to spend a fortune on surf-forecast call lines you can use the WWW to read the forecasts and also decide yourself based on the weather charts available.
For North Devon and South Wales try Ben's Forecast
For Detailed forecast for all the UK try Surf System Forecast
REMEMBER that these are forecasts with a fair (75%) degree of accuracy, but everyone makes mistakes.

Other Worldwide links

There are many sites around the world that offer links to weather sites. I include a couple so you can have fun surfing the net,

Worldwide weather reports
Internationally based links (mainly Pacific Ocean). Interesting, if not terribly useful.

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