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Watergate Bay

July 1999:


4 miles north of Newquay. Works at High Tide.  Beach break.  At low tide, Watergate is a lovely beach for a picnic and relaxation on a sunny day.
These pictures are taken on a calm day, with a few old enthusiasts getting some light practice in.  Shifting sand is both a problem and a benefit of Watergate, which provides both a chaotic time but also some easy rips out to sea.

Another benefit of Watergate is that it is close enough to Newquay to access the services, but far enough out so that many Newquay-based tourists don't make the trip out.

On a big day, watching the sets roll in can be inspiring, as well as watching the few brave souls who take them on.  There are a few car parking spots on the road above the beach where you can view the action.

Recently with the increasing commercialisation of surfing, surfing related businesses have been expanding around the Watergate area.  Most of the old hotels look pretty shabby, and it would seem that the area is undergoing a gradual change at the moment.

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