Saunton Sands Page

...a Saunton silver sunset wipeout...

...getting out back can be can opt to climb down the cliffs instead of taking the long walk from the beach car park...

...the view from the coast road is spectacular...


...very slow rollers... the distance is Hartland Point...

Saunton Sands Information

Saunton sands produce massive sloppy waves.
Another place with an overpriced car park. A problem with north devon's beaches is that they are privately owned, owners charge a lot for the access and poor facilties.
Another good reason for avoiding North Devon.

The shop serves tea, coffee and pasties.
At least the chemical toilets aren't quite so bad these days.
Good for beginners and practicing longboarding techniques.
The beach is popular with kayakers, goatboaters, windsurfers, and even some bodyboarders. On a good summer's day the large car park is overflowing!
Fortunately the beach is 2 miles long so everyone can ride there own waves in peace.

Beaches can be divided into three types, by surfcheck.
When making a surfcheck, what you see is not always what you get.

Optimistic Beaches: The waves on some beaches look massive, but when you get in, it really is not that big at all.
Under-Hand Beaches: Some waves look small, until you get in, then you get walloped.
Honest Beaches: What you see is what you get: WYSIWYG. Perfect.

Saunton is Under-Hand.

Phil Jones