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Funny ol' place. Cornwall is enjoying something of a rennaissance at the moment, which should help to counteract the lack of industry and cheap flights abroad. This has been helped by the jungle dome project for gardeners - the James Bond biosphere, officially known as the Eden project.

Polzeath beach car park is stuffed full of Range Rovers and Audis driven over from the yuppie resort of Rock around the corner. It is a great cornish mix of the great, the good and the grunge.

The beach largely disappears at high tide, and in very stormy conditions the car park can disappear as well!
The are some good surfers who surf here. Board types are mixed, in the summer there is a plague of bodyboaders.
In the summer crowds are a problem.

Slow rolling peaks, good if you want an easy time of it.

Very good, and mid & low tide. At high tide in large swells, the rocks on either side can get in the way!