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It is an unfortunate feature of our society that there are hundreds of traders out there who want to rip you off.
This is hardly surprising as providing they can get away with it they earn extra profits
The more these people get found out, the greater the cost of doing dodgy deals will be and the less incentive there will be to continue.
Now in the UK there are some people trying to undermine these rip-off merchants.
I include a couple of links which are useful if you have a problem.
Don't let them get away with it! You'll be doing another 20 people a favour if you stop their activities.


BBC Watchdog - Good old Anne Robinson saves the day for the BBC!
She has upset a lot of businesses...she must be doing something!
BBC Watchdog Home Page

ANGLIA TV - Serious Money
Useful East Anglian Advice Show
ANGLIA TV Serious Money Home Page

USA - Interesting Idea for a website...

RIPOFF dot ORG - USA watchdog

Link to go to Home Page