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Last modified: 2003
Bournemouth is a lovely town (city) to visit.It sits by a large beautiful bay on the south coast of England.Next door is Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island.There is a nature reserve on Brownsea Island with very friendly Peacocks.
Sailing and Windsurfing are very popular sports in Poole Harbour.

Good Food / Restaurants in Bournemouth area

There are a lot of bad restaurants in the Bournemouth area. Therefore here is my personal guide to some good ones so you can avoid the worst of the regions cooking.Some of them are fairly expensive.
  1. "Sal e Pepe", Charminster
    Excellent modern cooking all round
  2. "Bistro 77", Southbourne
    Modern Fish Dishes
  3. "Trawlers", Sea Road, Boscombe
    Fish: Wed-Sat evenings
    Great fish dishes and good wine
  4. "Hot Rocks", by Bournemouth Pier
    Theme-surf restaurant
    Some good dishes, dodgy wine menu
  5. "Bistro on the Beach", Southbourne
    Great cooking in unlikely looking location
    Good presentation
  6. "Ocean Palace", Bournemouth
    Very good Chinese restaurant
  7. "La Botte", Boscombe
    Good Pasta, Good Meat, Good Wine
  8. "Efe's Taverna", Boscombe
    Great Turkish Kebabs with interesting wine
  9. "Coriander", Richmond Hill, Bournemouth
    Mexican Food
    Interesting soup
    Cocktails and Beers

Town attractions:

  1. A mecca for celebraties: Max Bygraves and Matthew Kelly own homes in the smart suburb of Canford Cliffs, while local boy and Liverpool footballer Jamie Redknapp and Spurs star Darren Anderton also have houses there.
  2. Beach voted most popular for open-air sex, according to a survey last year, despite the 24-hour surveillance cameras.
  3. The only town in Britain where Blur and Oasis have played on the same night.
  4. The first town in Britain to set up no-smoking zones along stretches of its beaches.
  5. The place where council gardeners were once forced to nail down plant roots to stop an outbreak of shrub thefts in public parks.


The Opera House, Boscombe Sovereign Centre

Thanks to The Guardian Thursday 24 July & Irena Goldwag.

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