What Is Fledglings?

Fledglings is a new search and supply service designed to help parents, carers and childcare professionals in the vital task of bringing up children.

-- website for contact - www.fledglings.org.uk -- Aims to provide families and carers of a child with a disability or with any special needs with information about, and easy access to, helpful products.

How Can Fledglings Help?

Busy parents and carers often have little time, energy or contacts to investigate products and services that could help their child’s development and learning or ease their own caring load. Fledglings can help by searching out, demonstrating and ordering such resources, particularly those unusual items which may not be easily available or those designed specially for children with special needs.

Just tell us your need or your problem and we will try to find a product which will help or recommend a service or other organisation which may be able to assist.

Who Can Fledglings Help?

Parents, grandparents, childminders, foster carers, playgroup leaders, nursery nurses, after-school club leaders, health visitors; indeed anyone who cares for children under 8 or children with special needs of any age.

Our Product Range

Once we have established what you need we start our search using an extensive range of specialist catalogues. If we find what you need we can order it and arrange delivery to your home if you wish. We also carry a demonstration range of items that are more commonly requested.

Some examples of products we can supply are: toys and books selected to encourage development; scissors for children who are left-handed; a wide range of safety products; books for parents about childcare and development; waterproof pillows and duvets; elastic shoelaces; keys for access to toilets for disabled people; ID wristbands for children; low cost recycled computers for educational use.

Fledglings Direct

Fledglings Direct is a Cambridgeshire-based local service for interested groups, which can bring a small range of products to demonstrate in your home, playgroup, nursery or school. We can also bring a wide range of catalogues from which you may order items to meet individual requirements. Fledglings Direct will tailor the presentation to meet your particular interests or needs.

Anyone hosting a presentation is eligible to receive discounted or free goods for themselves or their organisation.

This is a good way of trying out products before you buy and also enables you to obtain birthday or Christmas presents or build up your nursery supplies at reduced cost.

What Does It Cost?

Our search service is FREE to parents and carers.

Products are supplied at competitive prices (comparable with major retail outlets, where applicable) plus post and packing.

Financial Advice For Special Needs

We offer advice about organisations that can help you with the cost of more expensive items if you cannot afford to provide them yourself and your child has special needs.

Why Fledglings?

Fledglings’ founder, Ruth Lingard, has had extensive experience of working professionally with children and families. Author of the award winning book A Child First published in 1997, Ruth has seen at first hand the pressures that many families are under and the difference that having information can make. This has led her to set up this unique service in consultation with parents and carers.

-- website for contact - www.fledglings.org.uk --


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